ARTHENA MAXX has been one of the “BEST of 300 ARTIST of the world!” Since 2019 and is enlivening the art stage at the world’s largest art fairs (SWISS ART EXPO, ART MIAMI, ART BEIJING, ART BARCELONA and many more).
Her paintings and designs were created into more than 500 extraordinary patterns, the so-called “MIKIZZANER PATTERNS”, and stand for extraordinary prints in the field of leather, living, clothing and accessories and much more. on top quality available.
Under the LABLE MIKIZZANER design by ARTHENA MAXX, this extraordinary store for the highest quality in the print area is available as an ART LUXURY SHOP for your individual design and ART4LIFESTYLE feeling.
Art is your eyecasher, art is your attitude towards life, art only turns something special into your individual uniqueness.
We hope you enjoy the creative design of your ART4LIFESTYLE products with the “MIKIZZANER PATTERNS” designed by ARTHENA MAXX in the MIKIZZANER STORE.